HR Retail

HR Retail offered attendees the chance to discover the agile people strategies enabling retail brands to transform their customer offering and profit from changing consumer behaviour.


What to know about HR in a retail store


Retail relationship-building strategies


Employee turnover statistics in restaurants


Theories of motivation in the retail industry


Attrition in the retail sector


The Industry Sectors

High Turnover

Retail is notorious for having a high rate of employee turnover. This means employees routinely come and go.


The industry is fraught with costly lawsuits, requiring HR to be ever more vigilant managers following the law.


A diverse workforce helps a retailer better connect with its marketplace and leads to better ideas and results.

Risk Management

HR staff members should implement trainings that focus on lifting, chemical handling and ladder climbing.

Seasonal Demand

Retailers often try to add temporary staff during the holiday buying season with fewer skilled and trained workers.


Common concerns include long hours, no full-time jobs or benefits, low pay and no growth opportunities.

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